We measure and report on our overall energy and carbon, water, waste, and sales fleet fuel efficiency performance. We include data gathered from 17 manufacturing, research and development, and distribution facilities in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe, representing approximately 88 percent of our operations—based on our facilities’ square footage. Energy and carbon usage in the remaining 12% of square footage, primarily administrative offices, is estimated. Recently acquired facilities are outside the scope of this report. Our 2020 environmental data have undergone limited assurance by Apex Companies, LLC.



We’re data driven and strategic in our approaches to reduce carbon emissions.


Water is a vital resource for our business that we are working to conserve.


We are studying ways to eliminate waste at its source.

FuelFuel Efficiency

We’re including more-fuel-efficient vehicles in our fleet.


We’re making progress towards achieving our 2027 conservation targets.

Data and Reporting

We have compiled our environmental performance data and independent assurance statement in a complete summary. Amgen discloses data to investors through CDP in the areas of climate change and water .