Investing in Innovation to Transform Therapies in Healthcare

Through our Corporate Venture Capital function, Amgen identifies and invests in emerging companies and technologies to advance promising new medicines and solutions to healthcare’s biggest challenges.

Since 2004, Amgen Ventures has invested in emerging companies to help discover promising medicines and technologies that will bring “Value Healthcare” to patients.

Amgen Ventures offers us a unique conduit to identify and support key innovators in healthcare at early stages of translational sciences by providing investment capital and access to Amgen’s experience in developing life-altering medicines.

Areas of Investment:
  • Therapeutics: Identify promising pipeline assets in Amgen’s therapeutic areas: oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, inflammation, bone health, nephrology, and neuroscience.
  • Drug discovery and emerging technologies: Designed to improve the discovery process with new technologies including cell therapies, gene-editing and gene therapies, regenerative medicine and drug delivery.
  • Digital Healthcare Services, Information and Analytics: Enhance Amgen medicines by providing tools to improve real-world outcomes and deliver greater value to healthcare systems, doctors and patients.
Amgen in Action:

Since 2004, Amgen Ventures has made over 70 investments and invested approximately $400 million to support healthcare innovation and interconnectivity at all stages: 

  • Academic institutions and incubator alliances to support upstream, early-stage research and help accelerate bench to bedside progression.
  • Seed funding and collaboration with early-stage companies, providing financial support and intellectual expertise to empower entrepreneurs as they create cutting-edge innovations that can positively impact the lives of patients.
  • Investments into innovative life-sciences and biotechnology startups focusing on therapeutics and emerging platforms such as neuro-degenerative diseases, cancer, chronic disease and digital health technologies.

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