Stakeholder Engagement

Periodically, Amgen conducts an analysis of internal and external stakeholder perspectives on Corporate Responsibility. In early 2020, Amgen completed its most recent assessment, the results of which are summarized below. To understand internal perspectives, we interviewed senior management directly involved in Corporate Responsibility governance and issued an online survey of randomly selected global staff, of which more than 800 employees responded (as shown on the X axis below titled "Priority for Amgen"). To understand external stakeholder perspectives, we utilized a sophisticated social listening artificial intelligence tool that allows us to monitor and analyze hundreds of thousands of communications from key stakeholder groups, including investors, regulators, healthcare professionals, and patient advocacy groups, to determine their perspectives on key Corporate Responsibility topics (as shown on the Y axis below titled "Importance to External Stakeholders"). These analyses of internal and external stakeholders, which were conducted from October 2019 through February 2020, allow us to understand the relative importance of Corporate Responsibility topics to these stakeholders, as shown in the graphic below. It should be noted that we consider every Corporate Responsibility topic on this summary graphic important. This analysis was completed prior to the impacts of COVID-19 and the recent focus on racial justice. Recognizing that stakeholder perspectives shift over time, we will continue to monitor those perspectives and update our analyses and priorities accordingly.

Stakeholder Assessment Results

Stakeholder Assessment Results Chart

Additionally, we used more detailed analyses of these data, along with other elements of our Corporate Responsibility strategy, to identify areas of focus for our programmatic and communications activities.