For more than 40 years, Amgen's commitment to science and innovation has helped patients live longer, healthier lives. We support initiatives to advance health equity so that more people can experience the benefits of science, including through improved access to life-saving medicines and care. We use a portfolio of approaches to address challenges to access to medicines, including working with governments, patient groups, civil society, and other partners.

Program Elements within the Healthy People Pillar

Amgen's medicines make a difference to those facing serious illnesses. Together with partners and stakeholders, we are working to overcome access challenges and improve healthcare capabilities through a multifaceted approach.

Addressing health disparities helps to expand access to solutions and improve health outcomes for people in underserved communities. It also allows us to gain unique perspectives and understanding that help us better meet the needs of patients.

2022 Highlights
Provided $2.2 billion1 of Amgen medicines at no cost to eligible uninsured or underinsured patients in the United States through the Amgen Safety Net Foundation.
Established a multiyear partnership with City Cancer Challenge and Direct Relief to support health system strengthening and management of breast cancer in Asuncion, Paraguay.
Launched a new Patient Experience Council model to support clinical development programs with high unmet needs among communities of color.
  1. Valued at wholesale acquisition cost. Amgen Safety Net Foundation is a separate legal entity entirely funded by Amgen.