Amgen Patient Advocacy and Strategic Alliances

Our Vision

At Amgen, we recognize that helping patients and reducing the impact of serious illness is about more than just delivering medicines. Tackling the biggest health problems facing patients and societies around the world today requires bold solutions and the combined strength and ingenuity of multiple organizations working together towards a common goal.

Amgen is committed to partnering with others in the healthcare ecosystem to achieve our common goal: which is to better serve patients. Together, we can do more than any one organization can do alone to develop solutions that improve patient outcomes and well-being.

— Darryl Sleep, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Our Approach

Amgen supports a wide range of programs that seek to improve public health and patient outcomes. These efforts include supporting patient advocacy organizations for independently-led initiatives as well as forging strategic collaborations with partners within and beyond the healthcare sector to co-create innovative solutions that help address major health challenges. Collectively these programs help us apply resources and expertise to some of the world's most common and life-threatening illnesses and reach the patients in greatest need.

Where We Are Making an Impact

Developing Patient-Centered Solutions and Treatments because patient perspectives matter and should inform and shape care experiences.

Working collaboratively with patients and patient advocacy organizations helps us understand better ways to serve patients. We bring patient experiences and insights to the teams at Amgen to improve all aspects of care, from how we design and deliver therapies to how we can improve access and care experiences for patients and their families.

Empowering Individuals, Patients and Caregivers in their Healthcare because empowerment can lead to better health outcomes.

Amgen supports programs led by credible and trusted organizations that inspire and enable individuals to take a more active role in their healthcare. This includes initiatives that make it easier for individuals to access diagnostic and screening services as well as those that provide patients with the education and support they need to manage a chronic illness.

Addressing Health Equity because reducing health disparities is critical to improving outcomes and expanding access to healthcare innovation for all.

Amgen is committed to supporting and collaborating with like-minded organizations to expand access to and participation in clinical trials, improve health literacy and strengthen community care and support systems for people disproportionately affected by systemic inequities.

Predicting and Preventing Disease because addressing the major challenges facing the healthcare ecosystem requires an innovative proactive approach.

Through strategic collaborations, we are working together with our partners on innovative solutions that employ and test not just one approach but a variety of solutions aimed at predicting who is at risk and preventing the impact of serious diseases from occurring.

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Amgen is working with or supporting more than 70 organizations. This represents only a sample.

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