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Scientists of the Future with the Very Viral Alexis Nikole Nelson

What do broccoli, a social media star, precision medicine and an atmospheric scientist have in common?

They all star in “But First, Science!”, the brand-new video series centered on Amgen Foundation programs that’s guaranteed to energize your day!

This four-part series will take viewers on an educational rollercoaster ride exploring the impact of the Foundation, from research opportunities at the world’s top universities and biotech labs for high school classrooms, to programs that provide virtual access to engaging science learning experiences across the globe.

Hosted by the human ray of sunshine that is Alexis Nikole Nelson, best known on social media as @blackforager for her boundless botanical expertise, these videos promise an insider’s perspective on the world of the Amgen Foundation through the eyes of the students, teachers, and program contributors that make it shine.

From the U.S. to the Netherlands and beyond, these stories showcase the impact the Amgen Foundation is making in strengthening science and biotech literacy and inspiring the scientists of tomorrow.

“We strongly believe that everyone needs science and science needs everyone, yet too many students locally and globally lack access to high-quality science learning experiences,” explained Scott Heimlich, president of the Amgen Foundation. “Our significant investment in these initiatives is squarely aimed at bridging that gap, bringing science alive for young people across the world, with a particular focus on under-resourced communities.”

With free-of-charge, robust, hands-on and virtual curriculum accessible to students and teachers worldwide, Foundation programs are changing the way students experience science learning, equipping students with the tools and encouragement necessary to pursue a future in science. And, with over 25 million students and educators reached in 2023 alone, the Foundation’s global impact continues to grow.

In episode 1, meet Winnie Sloan, a passionate high school science teacher who introduces us to the Amgen Biotech Experience.

In Episode 2, take a look inside to Ms. Nelson’s class to learn about all LabXchange has to offer.

About the Amgen Foundation

Since 1990, the Amgen Foundation has been committed to reimagining science education. By working in partnership with local and global partners, Foundation-supported programs have continued to provide access to best-in-class science education to millions. For more information about the Amgen Foundation, please visit

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