Transparency Disclosures

Donation and Grant Recipientsicon

Fighting serious illness takes more than pioneering science and vital medicines; it also requires partnerships with healthcare professionals and patient advocates who provide programs that advance science and patient care.

Political Contributionsicon

Amgen's participation in the political process supports candidates and organizations who work to advance health care innovation and improve patient access. We disclose all of our political contributions.

To provide greater insight into Amgen's political engagement activities, we have prepared the reports available below.

Our Political Engagement Report includes detailed information on our lobbying activities, engagement with political candidates, and membership in trade and industry associations, as well as our annual review of our lobbying support and political contributions.

Our Environmental Political Engagement Report focuses on our environmental strategy and approaches to environmentally responsible political engagement.

U.S. Healthcare Professionals and Entitiesicon

Amgen reports payments and transfers of value made to U.S. healthcare professionals and entities to government agencies requiring such disclosures, pursuant to applicable U.S. laws, regulations and related obligations.

EFPIA Disclosuresicon

Amgen is committed to fully complying with the disclosure requirements of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) codes of practice.